Five wooden town worse than prosperous northern, 32 kilometers away from the county seat, a total area of 3450 mu, 765.4 meters above sea level, the temperature is lower than the county 3-4 ℃ all the year round, is a subtropical climate zone, rainfall is appropriate, with a mild climate, light is appropriate, in the spring of early autumn, frost-free period is long, clear four seasons, trees, birds, four seasons beautiful lily, the mountain spring water, ever-flowing jianshan ladder, rain bag machine, jade belt, road signs, conifers, tree-lined road, south self-flowing, sightseeing reservoir, the reds trenches, carried red maple, cooper, three hundred, two hundred and so on dozens of spots each style, each has his strong point, makes visitors linger. Scenic area is given priority to with pine trees, otherwise, smiling, camphor, nanmu mountains chestnut, metasequoia, such as more than kinds of trees, forest coverage rate reached 98%, as with natural oxygen bar. Worse feldspar, hongshan, double river, stone horse four village seven clubs, east to the six clubs, ma on shan, south to feldspar Laurence family five clubs mouth, west to stone horse five clubs stone horse ridge, north to stone horse jianshan child 4 clubs. The forest there are jianshan, daming mountain courtyard, rain packet size, such as mountain peaks, 12. Worse village gate ruins remain, trenches, in the red army to build with cypress trees for the forest coverage rate reached more than 98%, forest area of about 500 mu of land can be reclaimed. Worse before liberation is a vital river mouth to the hanzhong, and for the mohican since ancient times, the red army SanJin three out of the worse, the water the grave a major battle. According to applied forms records, the qing jiaqing. Nine years had worse rocks on the ladder and renovation village gate, is the worse of the long history.
Today, the worse the developed construction as "the worse forest park movement", in the red army culture, Taoism culture, folk culture as the background, to carry out the mountain sports leisure vacation travel. Yao battle site, climbing ladder, day two pools, jiuqu sendoh, daming mountain Taoist temple, pen rack three peak, Taurus to grinding, lies a thousand hill of bashan new residence, etc. Badminton courts, fitness, table tennis and mountain biking playground, tai chi square and other sports facilities, so that attract sports enthusiasts. A collection of sightseeing, experience, sightseeing, entertainment, catering, shopping, leisure, holiday, as one of the new type of county-rural tourist attractions in sichuan province is reputation.
Its double river tourism new countryside has become a rising star for the development of tourism industry, has built a water project experience park, 200 mu of the four seasons water orchard, 400 mu of cafe DE jack, brittle Li Yuan of 500 mu, 500 mu of rose garden, fairy bridge, and the people body-building square, double river saemaul undong riverside road, ecological parking lot, saemaul undong settlements, etc. Tianmen forest sports park as the center, south of double river bashan new, modern agriculture park construction, form a set of, breeding, county-rural tourism as one of the agricultural industry, county-rural tourism belt.
At present, my town is implemented quickly double river to the red tourism scenic area construction, heavy project and sprinting to the worse forest park in 4 a grade scenic spot to create jobs. Soon after, a comprehensive upgrade the worse after the scenic area, will appear with a new look in front of everyone.

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