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Pingchang county, located in the northeast of sichuan, MiCangShan south, the east wan (source) mission (han), arrived in south (county) canal (county), west instrument (gansu) camp (mountain), north connected (river) (state). The county covers 2229 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 43 township town, 26 township (17), 528 village (house) committee, a total population of 1.05 million people, including agricultural population 860000 people, cultivated land area of 585500 mu. Is the national key poverty alleviation and development work, a national justice department, the provincial development and reform commission and provincial luqiao group has witness county.

The second big Soviet area

Pyeongchang is the second largest Soviet area - sichuan-shaanxi revolutionary base area centre, established the jiangkou Soviet government, there are 30000 children of pyeongchang participated in the red army, more than 5000 people - battle. Gave birth to the early work of our party and army is one of the important leaders, proletarian revolutionist Liu Bojian martyrs, was born the XuGuangYi, Zhao Lantian general of the republic of seven

Rich and abundant resources

River within the territory of 747 km, hydraulic reserves is 747 kw, around 63000 kilowatts, is the national "changzhi" project counties, the national water conservancy construction. More than 50, more than 160 kinds of common plants, forest coverage rate of 34.7%; There is a wide variety of wildlife. Quartz sand and other mineral resources reserves. Agriculture is rice, wheat, corn, sweet potato, potato, rapeseed, and is rich in silkworm cocoon, tea, peanuts, sugar cane, tobacco leaf, fruit, yellow, green beans and rhizoma gastrodiae, chestnuts, walnuts and kiwi fruit and other native products. River mouth alcohol, little turrets series liquor, sichuan flat card rapeseed oil, huang mountain tea fragrant teas and other 15 quality products enjoys a good reputation all over the country.

The coordinated development of social programs
At the end of 2005, there were all kinds of technical personnel 122391 people, the economic contribution rate of science and technology by 48%; There are all kinds of 110 schools, 201957 students in school, school-age children enrollment rate of 97.3%, the quality of education for years among the best in bazhong; Cultural undertakings into the "national cultural advanced county"; The county has 785 health services, health and technical personnel 2206 people; Supports by the national ministry of civil affairs, the Chinese people's liberation army general political department named "national two supports".

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